Ludovica Mazzucato


We asked Ludovica why what we do is important for young dancers. Her answer brings us back all the way to Italy where her dance journey began.

I remember a hot and sunny day of June, the puffy tulle tutu laying on my shoulder, as I was walking to the theatre, after school. I was thirteen. My heart engrossed with whirls of excitement, and fear, occasionally skipping a beat, replaced by rushes of adrenaline and self-doubt. I couldn’t wait to scrape my new pair of pointe shoes and pull the hair tight in a chignon. I felt incredibly tired and overworked, as well. June is the month of year-end exams in Italy, and besides dance I was taking a few extra-curricular courses.

When I entered the changing room, backstage, a friend ran towards me in her pink tights and upside down tutu, screaming with excitement “I’ll do your make-up, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!.” She pulled the chair for me to sit, pushed a pillow behind my back, and moved the stool closer for my feet to rest. She handed me a piece of Parmesan cheese, and placed a hairpin between her lips, while pouring what felt like a gallon of extra-strength gel on my scalp. I wasn’t tired anymore. I felt so safe. So understood. Like most dancers, I was a straight-A student, but through my teenage years, the pressure I placed on myself became so much that I faced a hard time coping with my own growth. I wasn’t the only one. Dance was our safe space. Our companion and place of friendship. We had each other back, we understood each other, we were growing together. One ripped pointe shoe at a time.

Later in life, I realized that the connections I developed through dance are the ones I genuinely relied on the most. There’s something raw, authentic, transparent that permeates a relationship born on the studio dancefloor. We are vulnerable and speak the international language of dance. We share a common culture of self-awareness, causality, resilience, relentless exploration, and the pursuit of continuous improvement, where constructive feedback is not only useful, but necessary. I would wish any young dancer to experience that lifelong bond through Danse Bloom, for them to feel they belong to a supportive community that will nurture their inspiration and elevate their visions.

Ludovica Mazzucato

Did you know that Ludovica is a member of our Advisory Committee? When we say that dance creates meaningful life skills, Ludovica is a true example of it. Read her inspiring bio here.