Lisa Metz


Choreographer, Teacher, Dancer, Artist, Creator
Based in Vancouver, BC

Lisa Metz just radiates the type of energy that we all want to have - positive, unique, and inspiring. As a choreographer, teacher, dancer, artist and creator, Lisa shares how she found her courage, what inspires her, and gives powerful advice to a younger version of herself. Read Lisa’s empowering words below.

Photo by Ana Sosa

Photo by Ana Sosa

You are alone in your bedroom and need to release some stress. What song do you put on to dance to? I am a Spotify subscriber and I honestly go straight to the “Made for You” playlists for music. Depending on my de-stressing mood the vibe will change and the playlists are awesome! My go to song at the moment is “Not Everything Was Better In The Past” by Fink.

How would you describe your movement and choreography style? I would describe my movement as a contemporary fusion. I started as a tap dancer, which led to jazz and ballet then eventually onto street styles like hip hop and popping. I use bits and pieces from all these genres to create and develop my style. Each part of a song requires a different mood and feeling, I feel lucky to be able to pull from such an extensive vocabulary to create diverse visions.

What is the greatest thing that dance has taught you? Has this lesson translated into other aspects of your life? The greatest thing dance has taught me thus far is to be brave. I am my own worst enemy and someone who can be easily stifled by fear of failure or fear of success. Dance has shown me that bravery is always rewarded. Simply showing up and doing your best takes a lot of courage. Something that seems easy for someone else may require a lot of bravery for me, and I’ve learned that is okay. This has allowed me in life to share my voice, which is a big part of why I do what I do. I was a very shy child, afraid to share my thoughts and feelings. Through dance and movement I was able to understand more about who I was which helped me vocalize it. By choosing to be brave I hope to inspire others who have felt like I did to find the courage to share their story.

What advice would you give your 15 year old self? I would remind my 15 year old self that it’s okay to not be perfect. If you continue to commit yourself daily to be your best, you will be unstoppable. That does not mean winning 1st every time or being the very best at everything you choose to do. Realize that there is something to learn in every step of the process, whether it is going well or not. Keep deciding what it means to win for you and do not compare your journey to anyone else’s. Simply making it to the finish line is sometimes going to be enough. You are here to grow and learn, if you keep choosing to find love and joy in your endeavours, the freedom to share something beautiful with the world will be yours.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Inspiration for my work usually comes from music first. As a tap dancer originally, rhythm and beat patterns are what start my creative flow most often. I then visualize what the song means to me before I put movement to it. My process has evolved and continues to evolve as new experiences and new people are introduced into my life. I am also inspired by all types of art; fashion designers, painters, photographers, and more. Another source of inspiration would be athletes, anyone who is physical for their profession I am greatly intrigued by. It brings me much joy when I get to understand the journey and process of people who have worked intelligently to achieve their own greatness. Someone once told me that I even “see the art in numbers!” I believe this has been a theme of my inspiration for quite some time. Creating pathways for things to add up is absolutely my jam!

You can find more from Lisa on her Instagram page @lisarosemetz.

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