Danielle Gardner


You may know Danielle as the inspiring choreographer and mentor that she is. We asked her to share a bit more about herself and her dance career, including her time on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and how she balances her life with dance. Her passion and connection to dance is an uplifting journey that we are excited to share on Story Bloom!

Photo by David Cooper Photography Workshop

Photo by David Cooper Photography Workshop

What made you want to pursue dance?
What originally made me want to pursue dance as a career was the idea that I could do what I loved! I didn't have to work a 9am-5pm job if I didn't want to, and I could also travel the world and meet incredible humans from around the globe living a creative life like me.

There is no better business in my opinion that highlights creativity and celebrates being unique like dance. I never knew what direction I would pursue, but luckily due to my multi-genre training, great mentors, and being in the right place at the right time I got to explore all avenues.

How do you take the time to care for yourself with a busy schedule?
Getting out of town is the best medicine you could give to a creative brain. Whether its Salt Spring Island or London, travelling is key to balancing this stressful and sometime hectic business. While I’m away, I focus on breathing, meditation, journalling and have the chance to catch up on life.

What advice on finding your individuality as an artist would you give to the next generation of dancers?
Be around people that inspire you and work with them. It’s amazing how human connection can inspire you in ways you never thought possible. In addition to that, I would recommend exploring in dance and out. See the world! Live a little! This is how you will create the best version of yourself and truly see what makes you so amazing and unique.

What project in your dance career have you been the most proud of and why?
The project I am most proud of in my dance career would have to be my time on So You Think You Can Dance. It was an incredible opportunity and I know I am extremely blessed to have been a part of it. I got to train in multiple genres over 2 years, work with the best choreographers at that time, and create incredible relationships with my cast and crew. This experience helped me grow into the human I am today and I will forever be thankful.

You can explore Danielle’s work and dance projects here:

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