Antonio Somera Jr


Antonio is a Movement Practitioner based in Vancouver, BC. You will notice you are immediately drawn to his contagious energy and will want to be his new bff. The Bloom Squad is a huge fan and we are very proud to have the opportunity to feature him for our first Story Bloom!


Why dance?
I found dance at first as an extracurricular activity. Joined a studio to learn some body coordination and make some new friends. I became quite close and connected with the studio and my fellow dance friends, travelling to cities and competing in small and big competitions. I fell in love with the comradery and community of being part of a dance team, the spirit of working hard together for months and months just to feel that few minutes of ecstasy on stage. When I had to decide what to take in university, the only passionate choice was dance. So I applied and attended the SFU contemporary dance program, and was introduced into another part of the dance world, learning more artistic practices and expressive forms. From that point on, I knew that dance and art would forever be in my life.

What does a day in your life look like?
Normally a day would consist of taking morning class, either contact or contemporary, then either a meeting in the afternoon with fellow colleagues for upcoming projects or making connections over coffee, then in the evening would either be working at the restaurant or training with the street dance community.

What challenge are you most proud of overcoming?
The challenge that I'm most proud of overcoming is the mental doubt that comes every so often. To be able to push through that self doubt and just continue to try and pursue what I love is very difficult, but the outcome so far has been quite amazing. If I have not been able to step out of my own comfort zone, I wouldn't have experience and met all the people that I have in my life.

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?
If you have good intentions, any situation will work itself out. When life feels difficult and unbearable, know that you aren't alone in this world, and there are others willing to support you.

Credit Photo Jeff Hamada

Credit Photo Jeff Hamada


Antonio is doing beautiful work through his dance collective, OURO. They offer workshops for youth dancers through oFuro. Check them out here: