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Hi Chanel! We are so inspired by you; you and your work are unique and your story needs to be shared! Persistence, patience and bravery might be familiar to you. With that, we will focus on how you found your bloom. We know the power of your story will inspire other art bloomers to blossom into their own. So don't hold back when sharing.

How to share your story:

  1. Please take your time to answer the questions below.

  2. Send two to three pictures (preferably dance shoots) to with the name of the photographer for the credit photo.

  3. The full article will be posted on our website and a part of it will be posted on Danse Bloom social media and newsletter. Before publishing, we will send you the article for your review. We thank you for believing in the power of storytelling to inspire youth!

Thank you for contributing to our Story Bloom!

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