Meredith Kalaman

Photo by Chris Randle

Photo by Chris Randle


Workshop: You are a Unicorn

Can you recall those moments where life happens as if by MAGIC right before your very eyes? What if that magic were actually YOU and you could connect to that magic in any given moment?  In this dynamic and physical workshop, participants will go on a journey through their minds, into the source of their unique magic and inner most power. By working with the body to acknowledge past successes, this creates an anchor for you to be able to create that same success in any given moment. Using exercises based in improvisation and exploration to expand awareness, your body will leave feeling empowered to create your reality in a way that supports the future you are living into. How much fun could you have with that?


A little bit about Meredith

Meredith Kalaman is a creator, thinker, mover and doer. Following 30 years in front of a mirror in the Dance studio training as a Ballet dancer gone wildly contemporary, she is passionate about empowering the next generation of youth to express their experience of being in their body with total confidence, pleasure and power. She loves connecting the dots of her wild imagination and inspiring others to harness their unique creativity. Meredith directs her own dance company that recently toured to Berlin. Her choreography has also been on stages across Canada, the US and China.




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