Annika Clary

Photo by Olivia Chan & Kevin Tabora

Photo by Olivia Chan & Kevin Tabora


A little bit about Annika

Annika is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to take part in Bloom Day, as she is a young bi-coastal artist whose career is just beginning to bloom! At an early age, she developed a fascination with language and communication, which, as she grew older, began to manifest as art – including dance, music, and writing. She began dancing at the age of 6, completing her formal training at Vancouver Academy of Dance and Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver. She is alumni to Broadway Dance Center’s Professional Semester training program in New York City, which she completed in May 2018, under the direction of Sheila Barker and Jim Cooney. She will continue to perform and live her passion in the future, and advocate for dance and music as a form of cathartic healing.


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