Speaker application

Do you envision a future filled with dancers? Do you enjoy sharing your passions and life lessons with youth? Bring your wisdom to the stage and become a Danse Bloom Panelist or Workshop Facilitator.



All our panelists are volunteers. Workshop facilitators receive a small compensation.

We encourage you to attend a Danse Bloom event before applying.

As a speaker, you will be featured on our website and social media platforms as we want our community to know who you are and what you are up to. We kindly ask you to spread the word about the event with your network.

All submissions will be reviewed and only the successful candidates will be contacted. The applications are ongoing. Depending on the topic of the pop-up event, you might be contacted at a later date.

For any questions, please contact us at info@dansebloom.com.

Lindi Nolte, Spoken word artist Photo by Andi McLeish

Lindi Nolte, Spoken word artist
Photo by Andi McLeish


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